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The Path of Least Resistance

Thursday, March 17th, 2005

This year I attended South by Southwest for the first time and enjoyed meeting lots of interesting folks.  During a session about decentralized social networks, the panelists mentioned the problem that bloggers (especially beginning bloggers) sometimes post personal information about themselves in public without realizing the risks.  Often they may be unaware of [...]

Look Beyond the “Fundamental Conflict”

Saturday, March 12th, 2005

What better way to initiate a usability blog than by picking a bone with a prominent figure like Jakob Nielsen?
In one of his Alertbox columns, Nielsen opens the discussion by outlining a “fundamental conflict” between usability and security.  He writes:
Usability advocates favor making it easy to use a system, ideally requiring no special access [...]


Saturday, March 12th, 2005

Welcome to this blog.  Though there’s a lot of good writing out there about usability and security as separate topics, the intersection of the two is only just beginning to gather interest.  The communities of researchers and practitioners in both fields need to start talking to each other.  I couldn’t find any [...]